I work with businesses to discover and build the best digital products for customers.


Products customers love

I’ve dedicated most of my career to creating products that customers love. It’s my life’s joy and passion to see the products we discover and build have a lasting impact on its users.

One of my core driving beliefs for long term business success is:

Ultimately, a product that customers love will produce the business results we all look for: revenue and profit.

It’s because of this, that I specialise in identifying and co-creating these products with companies and stakeholders.

I’m someone that can help you and your business articulate your product’s value proposition, understand your customers, work with UX and designers to prototype solutions, work with engineering to build out solutions, and co-ordinate taking products to market.

Read on a bit more below to see where I can help you and your business.



Where I can help

1. Product discovery


Develop an understanding of your target customers, gathering data through surveys, interviews, observations, data analysis, fake door testing, and more. Form an understanding of the core customer for your product. Analyse competitors and market trends to determine the value proposition of the new product or feature. Identify the smallest pieces of work that can be done to test opportunities and get customers to use the product.


2. Design and prototype


Working with designers, we can map out the user journey, and chart the ideal customer path as well as highlight possible pain points. We’ll create both low fidelity and high fidelity designs for testing with real customers. Use the feedback to adapt the design before we invest in engineering. Produce design assets that developers can leverage when they are ready to start the build. Roadmaps and product backlogs can be created and presented.

3. Build out the product


Lead a team of developers, designers, and other specialists as we work iteratively to create the new product or feature. Check our assumptions regularly, and aim to produce potentially shippable software every cycle (usually as short as 2 weeks). Using agile methodologies, we’ll demo work regularly to internal stakeholders, leading quickly to a beta with some real customers to elicit feedback and check our initial assumptions.


4. Go to Market


Co-ordinate with marketing, sales, and support teams to take a product to market. Includes preparation needed to take a product from beta to live, setting up product KPIs, product marketing efforts, communication plans and timelines, sales enablement tools, support training, and support documentation. I can also assist with key product and feature messaging across web, app stores, and social media.



"His ability to see exactly what is missing from an existing product and coordinate a team to get it to the next level in terms of both quality and features is his greatest asset."




Work to be proud of

I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to work for some of these great brands.



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