It's a great time to be a Product Manager

In South Africa, it’s a great time to be a Product Manager. In my over 7 years of working in Product, I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many top quality companies recruiting for various experience levels of Product Managers.

When I started in this field, I was lucky to find a Junior Product Manager role at WebAfrica, my ISP at the time. The only other companies I remember hiring those years were the banks (where Product is viewed a bit differently to what it is in tech and software companies) and some large financial companies (where you needed 10 years experience and most likely a CA or MBA).

I’ll list what I think are some of the most interesting or most current Product opportunities here. I have no influence in their recruitment process, but if you’re interested, follow the links and give it a go! All of these jobs are in Cape Town or the wider Cape Town area.

The list is in no particular order at all. They’re all great.

Leading Retailer, via Recruit Digital

A leading retailer doing some interesting stuff with e-commerce and technology. Looking for quite a senior candidate.

Flash Mobile Vending

Innovative and fast-paced startup operating in the SME market selling value-added services. Mid and senior level roles available.

Peach Payments

Online payment platform. Looking for a senior candidate.


A great startup that helps farmers with early problem detection and predict crop yields.


Online lending platform for SME’s. Looking for a Head of Product.

Prodigy Finance

A platform for international students to get post-grad funding for the top universities around the world.


Online marketplace for home cleaning and related services. Recently raised some capital, and great founders.

Review Platform, via Black Pen Recruitment

Review platform looking for a Senior Product Manager. If I’m right, the team is quite small, so this is a great opportunity to have a big impact.

Amazon Web Services

We all know the might that is Amazon. This looks like a great opportunity if you can make it through the interview process ;)


An online marketplace for software makers. I’ve used their platform and it really is good.


Looking for a retail focused Product Owner. Also based in Cape Town Southern Suburbs, so could make your commute a lot better if you’re based that side.


If I’ve missed out any, please get in touch with me on Twitter or email and I will gladly add them.

Nathan Kettles